Exclusively Women's Wellness Therapy


"Thank you again for taking such good care of me today. I mis-spoke when asked about how I was feeling after. I stated I felt 50% better, but I think 60-70% is more accurate! Your attention to my immediate needs and concentrating on those areas was greatly appreciated." P.O.

"Always enjoy my wonderful massages!  Joni does such a great job.  Thanks." -M.G.

"It was one of the BEST massages I have had in a long time!  Joni is VERY good at what she does and I would highly recommend her!!  She finds the spots that need to be worked on and does a fantastic job of working it out.  The essential oils are wonderful and so are the hot packs she puts on your back.  I can't wait to schedule my next massage." -B.R.

"My appointment was amazing. Not only was there concern of my current discomfort, but a look back into what hasn't worked in the past. The massage was perfect and the afterwards effects are outstanding. I will definitely be recommending your services and be returning myself. Thank you!"  -K.M. 

"Thank you so much for the wonderful  massage today.  You have gifted hands and a gentle, caring heart.  Your services provided great relief the pain I was experiencing and I will certainly use your services again.  Thanks also for the reference to a qualified chiropractor.  It was all a real blessing to me." -R.O.

"Joni is the BEST!!! Nothing else to say :-)"  -J.K.

"Absolutely LOVED the massage today!!!!  I feel so energized the rest of the day!  Thank you for your expertise in massage therapy and as always your listening ear. :) You are AMAZING! Hope you have a wonderful day!"  -L.K.