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Thank you for stopping by our page! We are thrilled to offer superior therapy to our community. We are an office exclusively for ladies of every age. Women's wellness is our passion in helping you get ahead of your issues instead of keeping them.  Through quality conversation and assessments we are able to provide therapeutic massage services backed by experience and expertise.  Many massage modalities are incorporated into our treatments. All techniques are derived from the following modalities and therapies:

  • Neuromuscular Therapy
  • Essential Oil Therapy
  • Myofascial Release
  • Orthobionomy
  • Positional Release
  • Stretch Therapy
  • Prenatal/Pregnancy/Postnatal Therapy
  • Deep Tissue
  • Trigger Point therapy
  • Orthopedic Massage
  • Medical Massage
  • Swedish Massage

At Massage & Bodyworks, we will use techniques that work best for each individual considering everyone responds differently to massage. Through proper communication between the client and therapist, we are able to formulate a massage using specific techniques designed with the clients needs in mind. We look forward to coming alongside you and joining in on your wellness journey.


 Joni Olson | Owner & LMT

 Office: 701.293.6278

Joni has been a Licensed Massage Therapist since 2002.  After graduating from the Skin and Bodywork Institute, Grand Forks, she owned and operated Absolute Bodyworks for almost four years.

In 2005, Joni and her family moved to Fargo and she became an independent contractor within Elite Therapeutic Massage.  With nearly eight years of serving the FM area at Elite, Joni opened Massage & Bodyworks currently located inside Blonde Ambition salon.  

Over the past few years, she has been in the process of formulating a new style of massage, Intensive Bodywork Therapy, which was launched April of 2013.  Intensive Bodywork Therapy incorporates a dynamic protocol of several different massage techniques and bodywork in order for individuals to get ahead of their pain, not maintain their pain.  Along side this therapy, Joni is passionate about children and women's wellness specializing in the care for ladies of all ages.  Joni strives to be an effective servant by using the avenue of massage therapy and cares deeply to meet client expectations of improving wellness.

"This service that you perform is not only supplying the needs of the Lord's people but is also overflowing in many expressions of thanks to God." (2 Corinthians 9:12)


Receptionists: 701.293.6278

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The receptionists joyfully greet you each time you visit and they are ready to serve you delicious water, tea, coffee or cappuccino.  We also have sweet treats available to tantilize your taste buds.  Why not enjoy the wait?  Right?!

These exceptional ladies are available to take your calls:

Monday - Thursday:  9am til 8pm

Friday:  9am til 5pm

Saturday:  9am til 4pm (summer close at 2pm)


What is Intensive Bodywork Therapy?

Have you ever felt like occasional massage just isn't taking care of your chronic physical issues?  Are you worried that you may have something more serious than just muscle aches and pains?  Allow me to assess you!  There is no other professional in the Fargo Moorhead area that does Intensive Bodywork Therapy.  Through several massage techniques and assessments, I'm able to check how your body is doing structurally and determine if we need to do intensive sessions to get your body back on track to feeling better.

Intensive Bodywork involves a series of 15 minute sessions targeting your problem area two to three times per week for about a month.  Problem areas include a wide variety ranging from shoulder issues to hip discomforts or from chronic headaches to low back pain.  By targeting these areas often you have more opportunity to get ahead of your pain instead of maintaining your pain.  Once these short intensive sessions are completed, a maintenance regimen of receiving one hour massage therapy sessions is recommended approximately every month along with doing stretches on your own to keep yourself in check.

If you have something chronic that you are currently struggling with, please don't wait until it hopefully disappears on it's own. Help is here and I will joyfully serve you!